October 1, 2012

Jesus's Mirror

MiMi's Note: Everyone is always telling me they love my eyes. For some reason, I never could see the beauty they saw in them until about twenty minutes ago. I was looking at a recent picture of me (see left) and it was a close up of my face and then I started thinking about how I view people. I am a very, very, kindhearted person (just don't cross me) and when I meet people I only see the best in them while making note they are not impeccable, yet capable of being loved in some form. After mumbling that last sentence to myself, I realized why my eyes were beautiful in a spiritual sense --- I see people as God sees them which enables me to love as God loves. Thus, seeing the beauty of my eyes means seeing the beauty of my heart. Seeing the beauty of my heart is like looking at Jesus as He embodied love through His mirror. Jesus's mirror, I believe is the cross - one we see ourselves on daily as we live to die for Him! And from that picture, this poem was created ten minutes ago:

Jesus's Mirror
by: MiMi Atkins
October 1, 2012

Now I see why everyone says, "MiMi, you have beautiful eyes!"
It has nothing to do with their color, size, or shape, rather the enigma of what behind them lies.
I would be perplexed because uniquness in my eyes I could not see
All I saw was a past of shame and hypocrisy
You can not see what you never saw
And you can't heal if there is no scar

Years passed as I looked in the mirror past myself
I couldn't see me because my vision was stored upon the shelf
A woman of mystique and everything within
Loneliness coupled with insolence smothered by a grin
I could look at Everyone else but I could never see me
I envisioned Everyone else through God's eyes -- immensely
Failing to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit to allow it to refocus my vision
I loved everyone else but met self with derision

I never understood why Everyone else loved my eyes
All I saw was the secret cries
It was because I didn't see me  as I looked at Everyone else perfectly
I saw them as God would see -- broken vessels, shattered dreams, torn hearts
Clinging to faith -- hope with no start
When all along each of them carried a piece of me - one who thirsted for The Lord above
Desolate, abated hunger, desperate for His love

A rugged cross, an emblem of the price
Adorned and broken, hung our dear Christ
Christ's mirror (the cross) allowed me to see what He did
And for that moment, my vision no longer hid

Bared in shame, my secret was revealed
This man named Jesus had a gift that healed
The seeping of His blood opened my eyes to finally see
I saw in Everyone what was already within me!

Within me lies no perfection
Yet a gentle soul who's pure and rid of carnal deception
To look upon the world with eyes which sees to the soul
and knowing despite being broken, Christ makes us whole.