November 15, 2016

3627: Synopsis & Pre-Cover Reveal

Biracial beauty, Rumor Harlowe Martinelli is the epitome of success – hailing as Atlanta, Georgia’s most illustrious and tenacious broadcast journalist – she appears to have it all together. Until one day, her perfect world is swept away by the winds of tragedy - her mother falls ill and leaves Rumor behind to face a heartbreaking family secret. Torn and alone, Rumor takes a sabbatical from her career and retreats to Manhattan, New York in the hopes of getting lost amongst the cacophony of the city.

Dapper and debonair, Holden Gad Vauclain is Versailles, France's most prominent pediatric surgeon. He appears to have it all together, but inside he is dying as he copes with the recent loss of his wife and his son. Although his strong religious beliefs provide immense strength, it is not enough as he flees to Manhattan, New York attempting to bury himself in his photography.
They were looking for an escape but found one another. Holden revitalizes Rumor’s life with new hopes and promises of better tomorrows, but Rumor finds it hard to accept and almost ruins the one thing she never had.
Pre-order information is coming soon, but for now revel in the sneak peek of the eBook cover and see if you can figure out what's behind it.
Cover designed by: Nydia Pastoriza of


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